Which One Should You Buy: Desktop Computer or Laptop Computer?

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There are advantages and disadvantages to both desktop computers and laptop or notebook computers. If you have a dilemma which one to buy, consider the following points.

1. Upgradability. Desktop computers are easily upgraded because most of the parts are modular. You can buy component parts easily to get better specifications for the hard disk drive, random access memory (RAM), graphics card or sound card. when these parts become defective, you can just remove them from their slots and change with a new one. Laptop upgrades are limited to RAM size, hard disk and other removable parts. But the processor is fixed to the mainboard and upgrade will be difficult. Besides, the laptop has cramped space for upgrade. Parts are neatly arranged and an additional upgrade part may not be compatible.

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2. Processor Speed. It is easy to get the latest processor in desktops to get the speed you want. Faster processors tend to heat faster thus heat generation becomes a concern. This is resolved by adding more fans to the computer casing which gives ample space for such additions. Heating issues in laptops are much more difficult to handle because of the small space for aeration. Laptop computer peripherals like air cooling pads may be bought for this purpose but it defeats the purpose of having a light computer. For longer uses like gaming, desktop computers do better than laptops.

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3. Mobility. You cannot easily bring your desktop computer to another place because of its bulky frame. Obviously, laptops are easier to carry than desktops and is very useful in mobile computing. But this inconvenience is now gradually resolved through flat LCD panels and lighter and smaller computer casings in desktop computers.

Computers for sale nowadays offer a lot of features. These tips will help you find the one that you just need, whether you decide to buy a laptop or a desktop.


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