What The Operators of Online Income Programs Don’t Tell You.

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There are many programs on the Internet you can join to earn some extra income. While experiencng with some of the programs, I discovered that, in most cases, the operators of the programs do not tell you enough for you to be achieve real success.

They tell you it is an easy program but they don’t tell you need some extra knowledge to be successful.

You might have come across programs where you can directly receive money into your online payment processor account for selling certain products or services without you having to set up your own website and write the code for it to happen. The operators of the programs tell you that you don’t need any programming knowledge the in order to be successful in the program but they don’t tell you that with some basic programming experience you can understand their program more. For example, you may have come across a program that will enable you as a member to receive money directly with your own online payment processor once someone join the program via your referral URL. Of course, if you join the program, you have to pay for your membership to the person who introduces it to you by paying directly into his or her own payment processing account. If you have some knowledge of programming, you may be more willing to do so as you can picture in your mind how the system works. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to write computer programs or scripts for websites. Unable to picture how the system can actually help them to end, they rather play it safe and therefore, refuse to sign up. As the result of the decision, they miss the opportunity to earn the extra money and the chances of getting more people to sign through you diminishes. Therefore, although you are definitely not authorised to look into the codes to make it possible for you to receive the money directly without having to go through the real owner of the program, you need to have some programming knowledge to really see if the program works. Therefore, people who sign up through you are either those who have the knowledge to see tha the program works or are daring enough to take risks.

They asks you to get as many people to sign up but never tell you how to do it efficiently.

To get more people to join a program, the operators of the program encourages its member to recruit their friends into the program. However, most of the time, they do not tell you how exactly to do it so that the chances of getting at least one person to sign up through you is great. Sometimes, what is written in a pre-written email invitation does not really get your friends convinced as it may sound too true or sound like a sales pitch that turns your friends off. Therefore, you need to rewrite the invitation in a more friendly and personal tone to really convince your friends that the message is really from you. To make it simple, let’s say the person’s name is John. He wants to invite his friend Mary to join a program. Do you think Mary will be more convinced that the email is from John if he uses the program’s pre-written invitation that only has the word ‘Hi’ or something similar to ‘Hi Internet Friend’ in its salutation or the email with the salutation ‘DearMary’?. I guess the answer is obvious.

They don’t tell you that in order to be really successful you need to upgrade your membership.

This means you actually need to pay for it and it is not longer free as advertised. However, if you can know that the program will actually continue to help you to get more than what you have initially paid for an upgraded membership, then, it is worthwhile upgrading. You may also need to use more methods and be a little more creative when attempting to recruit more people to sign up.

No matter how sure you are with a program, it is important to know that like any offline or brick and mortar businesses in this world, there is no guarantee that the program will last forever. It is also important to check the background of the program and to see whether it’s a scam beforecommitting yourself to it.  Although you can see that the program can really work, the operators may suddenly close it down without your prior knowledge. Therefore, it is important join more than one program you can trust.


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