Which One is Better: Postpaid or Prepaid Cellphones?

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When I browsed through the ads of a cellphone service company, I noticed a very attractive offer: calls for only $0.04 per call. I thought it was a good cellphone deal so I subscribed under a cellphone plan six months ago. Later however I got to know its shortcomings.

I made calls every time thinking that I will be spending lesser and it would be faster. The problem is, when I make a call, someone at the other end of the line will sometimes ask so many questions and comments that I couldn’t just put off my phone. I extend call times more than is needed.

Also, whenever I exceed my allocated monthly limit, the phone would just stop sending messages with very little warning. It always reminds me to pay right away or my phone will be redirected. It does give a deadline for payment but for some reason, the cellphone service stops whenever a certain excess in the allocated limit is exceeded. And it’s exasperating when I find myself redirected and could not pay my bills using my cellphone. My cellphone is linked to a card which I use to pay my bills.

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I was tempted to get a postpaid plan higher than my previous limit but upon a little reflection, I found that tendency unfounded. There is no need for me to increase my monthly limit. It is difficult to predict cellphone usage because there were times I need to use the cellphone much more frequently and there were times that I need not use it. A prepaid cellphone is at an advantage because it gives you a certain level of control compared to one subscribed under a postpaid plan.

When someone is on a postpaid cellphone plan, he is obliged to pay a regular monthly bill whereas having a prepaid cellphone will require you to use only the cellphone upon demand. Thus, your cellphone will only incur costs when you need it and you save something when it is not in use.

It is therefore wiser to use a prepaid cellphone service than one under a plan.


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