how to better yourself

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  1. First off, look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Are you happy with what you see? Or are you disgusted with what you see and can’t bare to look at yourself any longer?
  2. What are you thinking? Get all your thoughts & emotional written down on paper or journal whatever you have is good.  After writing down everything, analyze what you just wrote down. Do you see a pattern? Did you say the same thing more than once?
  3. Now write goals starting with the most challenging one first then continue until you feel like with the goals you listed you will better yourself.
  4. Now underneath each goal, write why you have that goal, and how are you going to achieve it, are you going to take anger management classes or what are you going to do to get to your goal.
  5. Now since you wrote everything that you want to do to better yourself, you have to write at least 25 things you like about yourself. (ex: your hair, sense of humor, the way you talk, you get the point) It can be anything.
  6. Take out some sticky notes, write the good things you like about yourself, and post it on your mirror or desk, where ever you will see it every day to remind you that you are a great person already.
  7. Take the list of goals that are to better yourself, put them somewhere you will see it every day to remind you; you want to better yourself & why you have these goals. People make the mistake of not remembering their goals, or forgetting why. This is super helpful, and it does make it a lot easier. I do this personally myself.
  8. Keep in mind your thoughts, feelings & everything doesn’t change overnight. It takes time, but its work it in the end. Things that take time result in lasting forever.

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