Ways you can conserve water at home

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   Many people that realize or don’t understand how much they can save on their utility bills by conserving water. By reducing their water consumption households will appreciate the savings they will receive on their water bills as well as their electricity bills. There are several things people should consider when they are trying to reduce their water consumption. Dripping faucets, older appliances, and minimizing water usage issues should be addressed.
  Repair toilets than run and faucets that are dripping even if the drip does not seem that bad to you. Consider changing your shower head if it doesn’t have low-flow options. Another thing to consider is installing aerators in your faucets.  By doing this not only will this help strain particles from your water, but your using less water because it’s not allowing so much water to come out and therefore it’s less water being used.
   When choosing appliances you need to look for the Energy Star label. An washing machine that has the energy star label will use half as many gallons of water than any other standard washer and removes more water during the spin cycle. You can also look into purchasing a low flow toilet.   Consider taking a shower instead of a bath. Try turning the water off while your brushing your teeth or washing dishes as this will save you plenty. You should only use your dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads. When you wash and dont have a full load, imagine how much water as well as energy you are wasting.


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