How to run Scandisk on your PC

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   There are many Computer users who are not aware of the ability they have to check certain problems on their computers by using Scan Disk. This helpful tool is provided through your Windows program. This is a convenient way for computer users to test a disk on their hard drive and fix most of the problems that may be on that disk. If needed you can also refresh the disk.
A good time to perform this scan is when or if you notice your computer displaying problems and you have performed troubleshooting and you still can’t figure out why it’s acting that way. By running Scandisk it should find and repair the problem.

     Go to the bottom left of your computer screen. Go to start and click on it. A list will appear on the right side. From that list you are going to find Computer. To select computer you are going to move your mouse over to computer and now it should be highlighted. You are going to select it by clicking on it. Now icons will appear on your screen. Place your mouse on the icon you want, then your going to right click on it. Another list will appear. From this list you will choose properties by clicking it. In the properties box you will see tabs located on the top of the box. Click on the tab that is labeled tools. Find the box labeled error checking. You are now going to click on the button that is labeled check now. Now you will have an option to check the box Check local disk. Find the box next to where it says scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. By checking this box it will search the disk for any bad areas. You will now see a button labeled start and a button labeled cancel. The scan can take a few hours to complete. If you are ready to scan click the start button. If your not ready to begin the scan then click the cancel button. When your ready to perform the scan you just need to repeat the same steps.


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