Places to visit in Las Vegas

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When you’re in Vegas, you have to visit the hottest spots here. What are some of the hottest spots in Vegas? When you’re in Vegas, you have to watch the shows here. There’re a lot of circuits. It’s refreshing. It cost around $100 and up per ticket. It can be fun if you haven’t’ seen circuits shows before. The Wynn’s circuit shows is one of the best here. You get to see swimmers dancing and swimming in a large fountain. It’s refreshing and can’t be missed. There’re Zumanity and Ka also. There are always performances by performers here. You can book tickets in advance. You can see Celine Dion or other booked famous singers. You can also see famous comedian like Wayne Brady.

Night clubs

If you’re ever in Vegas, you can’t miss the night clubs here. You will have the greatest time dancing and drinking with friends. The clubs here are one of Vegas’s best features. There are hot singers, models and goers. The floor is always busy. This a great place to take your dates or friends. It’s incredible during the holiday. There is a cover charge unless you can get on the VIP list.


You can’t miss the buffet once you’re in Vegas. They have awesome food at affordable prices. You can take your friends out for a great dinner and it’s only around $20 per person. There is food from every culture. You will really like it here. Rio buffet and Bellagio buffet are some of the best buffet here in Vegas. Each casino has their own buffet. They have food from every country. You will love it here.


Each casino has their own beach. The beach here is amazing. It’s fun and clean. There’re always people in the pool. You will love it. This is a chance to swim with your friends or family and just enjoy the day in Vegas. Swimming is not that great during the summer time due to excessive heat.


If you’re with your family, you can go on rides or play games and win prizes or money. Vegas have all the games that you can play. If you’re bored, you can come down to the casino floor and play games.

Taking photos

Vegas have so many scenes for you take photos. You can go sightseeing and take photos with your friends. It will make great memories.
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