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1. I am a book lover. (In short, I love reading: – that is where I get inspirations and learning’s in life)

2. My new found passion is writing. (I’m starting to write blogs and I realize that I am starting to love it. It is where I can share my talents, knowldege, and experiences in life)

3. I’m fond of buying notebooks, memo pad and even post-it. Since I love writing, it’s automatic that I need something to write onto.

4. Is now more organized. (I have a Belle de Jour planner to write my plans and goals for the whole year round).

5. I love kikay stuff. (Yes,  I have an addiction for bags, shoes and accessories)

6. Now goal oriented. I realize that I am not getting any younger. So, I have to be more serious about my goals in life. But still, just enjoying every moment and not rushing into anything.  

7. I love myself– I am “ME” and not pretending to be someone else. I am not perfect. I have my own mistakes but learning from it. (wink).

8. I am more prayerful– I now depended on Him. And i realize that He is the ultimate source of happiness before anybody else.

9. Is becoming a better person. (cheers! I love the fact that I am becoming more mature and more focused)

10. I love to help. (Soon, I will donate to world vision. I believe on the power of education- the ultimate gate for success. “Knowledge is Power”. And education will be their path for thier future).


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