How to establish Ground Rules with a New Boss

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Both of you may be in new territory and that is actually a positive; because you can forge a close bond while you are still learning about each other and sometimes the company or even a new department itself. If you are both trying to find your way it puts you at an even playing level and you will probably see each other as more human if you can both get through the initial learning phases. In any business relationship once you have figured out you will be working together for quite a while you do have to establish good ground rules and boundaries to make it a win-win relationship. 

If you constantly refer to your old boss as “could walk on water and also chair a meeting in their sleep” be aware that you need to remove this person down from the pedestal that you had them on. Your new boss is human and would probably bleed red blood if you stapled their arm to the desk; so they do not care to hear you go on and on again and again about “the good old days with your former boss”. 

There may be a change in management that has affected the whole company, therefore it is not just the new boss coming in and making some new horrible rules you are inclined to rebel against; but it could be directed from upper management. So before you start to draw a line somewhere with the new schedule or tasks reassignment, just be sure where the change has been directed from. 

Remember at all times that you are at your job in a professional capacity and not at a kindergarten playground; so no backstabbing or head games if don’t like the new boss or the new way verses the old way. Always maintain a professional business stance. From the first impression you get and on to the front line working hours; take the high road and you will get more respect from your behavior. 

Most bosses want a good relationship with everyone they work with; and I assume you do also. Start off by being yourself and then see what the impact is. You know your boundaries when it comes to work and hours, etc and as with any relationship with another human being choose your battles wisely; what comes up in the first week of working together may not even be an issue next month; so initially try to also keep an open mind.


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