How to write a song from home

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You can write songs from home. Writing a song is not difficult. You can do it. What do you need? All you need is your ideas and you’re ready to put it into a song. A song is like a poem but it’s a bit longer with a certain format. You have chorus in songs but you don’t have chorus in poems. A song has to be able to form to a melody too. You will need to write music to it too. It needs to fall within your scale.

First, you would need to record your thoughts or brainstorm down on paper and from those words; you can work on an outline. You can record down your special thoughts, words, and ideas and then put it together into a song. You would need to put those in an outline. You can outline it and then compose a song or a draft out of it. You can install mood into your song. It can be a sad love song or a happy song. For example, you can put down your sad thoughts because you broke up with your girlfriends or how much you miss her because she’s far away.

For example, you can write words like, “You’re the only one for me. Where are you now? I only need you. You’re everything to me.” Romantic phrases like these would make great songs. When you’re done with your rough draft, you can compose it into a final draft. You need a chorus. A chorus is a set of words or sentences that repeat throughout the song like, “you’re the one, you’re the one, and you’re the one.” You would have about three of these sets within the song.


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