How to upload a video onto Myspace

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If you have a myspace website, you can upload videos to share with friends and family or expose your business. It’s simple and can be done if you have a digital camera or if you have a web cam. If you use a non-digital camera you can’t upload it to your website because there’s no portal to connect it to the internet. Your camera has to have a portal to connect to the internet. You will need a digital camera to upload videos on the web. It’s best to use a digital camera anyway to save time and money. You can also take as many photos as you like and then edit it too.

In order to upload a video on Myspace, you have to have a connection portal from your camera to the laptop. You would connect the portal to the laptop and then open your photos or videos and save it on your desktop. In some cases, you don’t have to save it but you can choose it from your camera file. For example, the digital camera will be on removable file so you just need to go to open file and then click on removable file and then open your video directly onto the upload forms on Myspace.

You don’t really need to save it unless you want to save it for later. If you’re going to save it, it has to be in compatitible file format so you can upload it later.  You will not be able to open it later if it’s not in compatible format with the website. For myspace, you would go to upload video and then open your video files from your camera or from your desktop. Once you hit submit, it will be done.


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