How to prepare chicken noodle soup

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Chicken noodle soup is very healthy and great when you have a cold or during the winter time. It’s easy to make too. What do you need? You would need chicken, noodles, vegetables, hoison sauce, lemon, and chicken broth. The whole process can take up to half an hour to be done. You can use thin noodles but not spaghetti noodles. You would need to cook it separate process like cooking your chicken on the side and then cook your broth on a separate side. You would also leave the vegatables for later. It’s a separate process.

The first step is to prepare your chicken broth. You would pour enough chicken broth and water for the servings that you want. You would boil it and then add seasoning for flavoring like salt, pepper and onion. After about twenty minutes, it’s enough to be done. You can set it aside until serving time. Next you would slice our chicken. It needs to be thinly sliced out. You can buy it sliced out or do it yourself at home. It will need to be very thin because this is how they use it with noodle soup. You would dip it in hot boiling water for a quick several minutes until it looked cooked and then take it out. You can set it aside for later. You can boil your noodle for later. Next you can wash your vegetables and cut it out or prepare it. You can use bean sprout, herbs or any kind of your choice. All the ingredients are supposed to be separate until you’re ready for serving.

When you’re done with these three steps, you’re ready to serve. It’s done in a certain order. You would take out a large bowl and then pour in the hot broth. You can add noodle, chicken and vegetables and sauce. Once you combine them, you’re ready to serve.


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