How to check for breast cancer at home

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Breast cancer is common in women. It’s important to check for breast cancer and notify a doctor if you see problems. When it comes to cancer, the sooner you seek treatment, the more chances you will have of slowing down the cancer. Time is very important when it comes to cancer. If you notice it early enough, you can prevent it from going further. It’s important to check for breast cancer weekly or monthly. This is true if you have a family history of cancer. This is also true if you have plastic surgery or other conditions going on that can increase your chance of getting cancer. If you have cancer somewhere else, it can migrate thorough your body too. Cancer comes in different stages, sizes and travel capability. There are some that travel fast while others don’t travel that fast. There is local cancer and then there is systemic cancer.

You can check for breast cancer at home. It’s not hard. What do you need to do? You will need a mirror to look at yourself. You can use your hands to palpate the breasts for lumps and pain. First you can look in the mirror and then watch for uneven sizes or lumps growing out. Do you see any redness, irritation? If you see something unseal and you have never seen it before, you can note it down and report it to your doctor. They will tell you if it’s cancer when they run a test on you. The best way to validate your cancer status is to get it check out by a doctor.

After you look, you can begin to palpate it. You can do it standing up or lying down. It’s easier to tell if you lie down. You can take your hands and then move them clockwise and feel for lumps. You should move your fingers from inner to outer or from outer to inner but be consistent so you can compare results. A regular tissue will be the same everywhere. If it’s lumpy a painful in one particular spot then you should note that spot and let your doctor know.  You can also feel for pain. If you have an area that is painful, you can check it out with your doctor. They will tell you if it’s cancer or not.How to check for br


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