Why you should not choose to be a single mother

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Who says that a life of a single mother is good? It’s the poorest in quality as I’ve observed from my friends. Their lives are destroyed by their responsibilities. A child required a lot of attention and it’s not like a pet. You can’t leave it sitting at home alone. You have to attend to the child and be there until someone else is there. It’s highly demanding. You have to have a lot of support in order to survive raising a child. Yet, many people continue to have babies on the impulse. They don’t really think about it and they just have it because they didn’t use protection or they just want to keep the man. There are a lot of reasons why people have babies and then regret that they had it. My friends regret the fact that they were single moms. They said that if they ever had to do it again, they would never have a child as a single mother. It’s an overload of responsibility. Your quality of life diminished greatly after you are stuck with hat responsibility.

You can’t do anything but attend to your child’s need. You might not get a chance to finish college. You might not get a chance to go out on the weekend or travel. You might not get a chance to go without child care cost. Its expensive raising a child and it’s important that young women think about their pregnancy and their future. Unless you’re wealthy, it’s not a good idea to have a lot of children. It can be devastating because you will be stuck with a lot of bills and responsibility. You will have no time for your child.

Look at Casey Anthony, she dint’ like her child at all. She stuck the kid in the car while going to a night club and the kid died over suffocation. She didn’t really have time for partying. She was too busy with the kid and so she locks the kid up in the car. It’s not great being a single mother. Casey Anthony life is over. It’s best that you don’t have a lot of babies and then neglect them or abuse them. You can adopt a pet instead so you can have more time for yourself and time to do other things in life.


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