Why you can’t sleep

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You can sleep better if you know why you’re not sleeping well. There are many reasons why you’re not sleeping well. Each person is different. You could be having stress or insomnia or you’re on some medication that keeps you from a good night sleep. You could also be having personal problems that prevent you from a good night sleep. You might be up waiting for something or anxious about the next day. There could be noise in your neighborhood that keeps you up.

Before you go to bed, you shouldn’t drink coffee or green tea because it can keep you up at night. If you drink it around 6pm, you might not be able to go to sleep. It’s important to drink it during the day time and then drink water or juice during the night time. If you have insomnia or other sleeping disorder, you will need to consult your doctor. They will prescribe medication that is best for your health. If you take a certain medication or recreation drugs, you might be up over that. It can irritate you and you can’t sleep. If you’re highly stressed over work or personal problems, you might not be able to sleep.

It’s important to reduce your stress, forget about your problems and go to bed. If your neighborhood is noisy, you can sleep in another room or turn on soft music to block it out. If you exercise right before you go to bed, you might also sleep better too. Exercising will help you relax and you can go to bed better. It will reduce your mental stress and bad hormones. You can work out before bed if you have trouble sleeping. If all else fail and you continue to have sleeping problems, you can see a doctor and they will let you know about your solutions.


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