My thoughts on religion and God

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There are many religions in this world. I think religion is important and we all need to have faith in something. Religion keep people comforted and there’s not thing else other that religion that can keep people comforted. There are many different kinds of religion and they can be different but people have their rights to believe in anything that they want to believe in. Religion is a positive thing and it makes people happy and comforted to have a religion. There is Buddhism and then Christianity and then Catholics. They’re all different but they all believe in one person and that is the creator. I don’t think that there are that many God in this world.

There is much different kind of people who want to invent something that is close to them but in the end I think there is only one creator and that is the creator of the world. I think someone out there must have created all of the things in this world and it just didn’t form by itself. We don’t really understand that power yet because we’re mortal. I think that power is immortal in some way. I think that power is not a human being but he could be just a powerful machine that doesn’t look like a human being. Maybe he’s only consciousness only. They said that he’s everywhere and he’s capable of everything. I think that’s true too. I think that the creator is very powerful. I think that the creator created us for his own amusement.

I think he knows what’s going on but somehow he doesn’t intervene. I think that there is a natural order and I think hurt and warfare is a part of life. I don’t know why God allowed these things to happen but only he can understand. I think that the world has everything set out and certain things are meant to be there. We don’t have an answer until we are on the other side of the world. I think that there are many side of the world out there. I think that we on to the next realm after this life and maybe we will learn more after this life. Religion is a mystery but I think it helps us in a lot of way. It calms the fearful soul. Human has always yearned for religion and I think it’s because the creator want us to know about him.


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