Why nursing is not for everyone

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Nursing school is a hard program. It’s hard to get admitted and when you get into the program, it’s hard to pass all of your classes too. It’s a rigorous program but it’s worth it if you enjoy studying about medicine. It’s a long way to go but you might be able to make good money one day. Nursing school is not that hard for those that have a love for medicine. It requires a lot of time and commitment. You have to have to have plenty of money in order to pay for your classes and other extra things. It’s not easy in nursing school. I’ve been there and saw about half of the group flunk out or just quit.

They realized that nursing is not for them after they practice for awhile which is fine. After you practice for awhile, you will realized that the program is not for you. This is very common. It’s hard being a nurse. It’s manual labor and the curriculum is difficult too. You will see that when you get into the program. If you’re young and you don’t have any commitment then you might pass it with a breeze but if you have a family and husband, you will have a harder time passing your classes. You need a lot of time to study and commit to your program. I noticed that when I was in school, I couldn’t have a regular life. It was time consuming and you text book is three times as big as other people’s book which is intimidating. It’s interesting but you have to love it enough. Once you love it enough, it won’t be that hard any more.

You have to attend lecture and then do clinical as well. This is where you will be going to the hospital and practice. You will be having a great time practicing if you love the hospital environment. There are some of us that don’t like the hospital which is why they often end up quitting. You will see a lot of graphic things in the hospital like dead people, wounds, open infections and smelling human waste which are not my favorite’s things in the world. You will have to clean patients up and then deal with them too. If they’re stressed out they will yell at you. There are patients and family that can be rude. There are security at the hospital too so if you run into problems you can always get help. They are bad in the psych ward. I was chased down by a psych ward patients and it was not fun. Sometimes, it can be scary at the hospital. I didn’t enjoy seeing dead people or kids dying over cancer. You will come into these problems so you need to be able to handle them. I preferred to work in a fun environment after I’ve worked in the hospital for so long. It gets depressing for me.


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