Food that are healthy for babies

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Babies need to eat baby’s food. If you give them adult food they will not process it well. There are some people out there who don’t know how to feed babies properly yet. I’ve seen one baby who choked in the hospital because one of the students feed him more milk when he had respiratory diseases. The baby went into a respiratory arrest and they have to fly him to another hospital to be rescue all over a bottle of milk. This is why it’s important for mothers to know how to feed babies when they’re having illnesses like heart problems or respiratory problems. When your babies have these problems, you have to know what you can feed them and what you should avoid. You can make their conditions worsen if you feed them more food or food that they can’t process. You will learn about these things with a doctor or a nurse. Since babies are small in size, you will have to learn the proper way to feed them. They can’t eat adult food yet and that’s one easy thing that you should know.

Soft food

Babies are better off with soft food. They would eat better with soft food. They have soft baby food over the counter and you need to feed your kids with those. Apple sauce or milk is probably something you have been feeding your baby with. The softer the food the better. When feeding your babies, you should sit them upright so that they don’t aspirate on the food. Always feed them by holding them upright. You should never feed them lying down because the food will go into their lungs.

No adult food

If you’re eating something, you can refrain from giving it to your babies. They shouldn’t have to eat adult food. Their bodies are not ready for adult food just yet. If you’re eating broccoli or a piece of steak, don’t give it to your baby just yet.

No junk food

Babies are not ready for fries, sugar, candies or hamburger just yet. You will have to wait until they’re older for those things. Their bodies are not ready for these things plus they’re very unhealthy. It’s better to start them off with a healthy diet.
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