How to Cook For A Super Bowl Party

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Remember to have plenty of finger foods available for everyone. Have a wide variety from chips and dips to fruit and vegetables. Everyone loves to munch on these items and make sure you have plenty on hand, they are easy to keep up on. Look for the dry dips that you can mix with sour cream because you can prepare them ahead of time and taste a lot better. Rolling up some cream cheese in some sliced deli meat is always a hit at my parties. Rolling up some scallions along with the cream cheese is a great extra to this snack. Make sure you have some crackers on hand.  

For the main course an easy dish is bar-b-qued ribs. Believe it or not these can be done in the oven and are just as tasty as if you cooked them on a grill. My article on How To Get That Bar-B-Que Taste Without Bar-B-Queing tells all you need to know about getting this taste. But if you want to do the real thing then go for it. Again if you want to check out my other cooking articles on eHow just go to my profile and give them a look. Always rinse your meat before you cook it.     

Having some baked potatoes is always an easy dish to cook. You just need to supply the extras needed for a baked potato, such as sour cream, cheese, butter and what ever else you like topping your spuds with. All you need to do here is find some good “bakers” and clean them off, wrap them in foil and sit in the oven for about an hour and a half at 350. Doing these the same time you do your ribs takes care of two birds with one stone, as they say, but add a little extra cooking time.   

The parties here are always non-alcoholic, but that is my option and my guest respect that. What goes over good here is some pure cranberry juice mixed with a clear carbonated beverage and some limes. Of course there is always the old reliable soda drinks. Remember if you do serve alcohol, in some states you are liable for people who drink in your house and leave and drive. Keep an eye on those who drove and are drinking, and make sure they have a safe way home if it looks like they have drank too much.  

Then when the 4th quarter starts ge out the ice cream. Have a couple flavors along with some toppings to off the meal.


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