How to Make Tomato Bacon Sandwich Soup

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Get yourself some bacon from your local deli, preferably the peppered style. Use deli bacon because it is fresher and less additives are used. Then go fry up the bacon in a cast iron skillet. Using four strips of bacon for each serving is a good measurement to go by. Remember bacon is salty and too much bacon can make your soup too salty.
When bacon is done cut in pieces about one fourth of an inch.

Then get some canned tomato soup, I like Campbell’s brand because of its consistency. But if you have a favorite go ahead and use it. Put the soup in a sauce pan along with a half can of milk and bring to a boil. Keep stirring because the soup paste of this nature has a tendency to stick to the bottom of the pan when cooking, so make sure your heat is no higher than medium-high.

Then get the bacon pieces and pour in the pan. along with the tomato soup. Turn the heat off and keep stirring to get the bacon flavor mixed well into the soup.

Then get some Ritz crackers, about ten per serving and crumple them up in the soup

Then pour into a soup bowl. You can put some parmesan cheese on top for that added extra flavor if desired.

This goes along well with grilled cheese sandwiches, and you will have kids, as well as adults lined up at your door for a great lunch combination like this.


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