Tips to cure a hangover

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The alcohol in your system actually makes you dehydrated and depleted of minerals the next day and the blood vessels in your head dilate due to alcohol. All this leads to a hammering headache the next day and finally after 6 to 7 hours of drinks when you get up from your slumber, the alcohol content in your body makes your blood abnormally acidic which results in hangover.

It’s true that all of us suffer from hangover in our lives, but still it does not make us stop drinking. Read on to learn the simple cures to treat hangover but for your own safety and to avoid hangover I strongly suggest you to always drink within your limits.

The first and foremost piece of advice in a hangover situation is that if you feel like vomiting, do not stop yourself but try to vomit and let those toxins out of your body.

Recovery drinks and snacks for Hangover

To start with drink at least two glasses of water, as soon as you wake up to hydrate yourself. It is very essential to hydrate the body so that you can  deal with the painful symptoms of hangover.

Banana Milk shake with two teaspoons of honey is also an excellent remedy for hangover. Bananas are considered as very good source of potassium and honey is extremely rich in fructose. Drinking banana milk shake is a very good cure to replace potassium and other nutrients which are lost due to heavy drinking.

When suffering from hangover you can also choose to drink grape fruit, tomato or orange juice as the sugar fructose in the juice helps to speed up the metabolism of alcohol.

Start your day with one or two cups of coffee as soon as possible to treat hangover as caffeine helps to narrow the swollen blood vessels in your head. If you love drinking tea in the morning then drink ginger tea. Ginger is famous for its anti – nausea properties and ginger tea at the time of hangover gives a refreshing feeling and aids in soothing your upset stomach. It helps to lessen the duration of hangover symptoms and also helps to rehydrate your body. 

If you feel like eating then have a very light breakfast. Simply have fresh fruit, toast and honey. Fruits and honey are considered as good source of fructose.

Tips to prevent hangover

1 Never drink on an empty stomach. Always eat something a bit greasy before you go. Take a meal which includes carbohydrates or fats. The fatty substances help to coat the intestines which result in the slowing down of the body’s absorption of alcohol.

2 Avoid drinking dark coloured drinks as they contain natural chemicals which irritate blood vessels and the tissue in the brains which are the main culprits for causing and making the hangover worse.

3 Remember to drink non – alcoholic drinks in between your drinks and eat protein rich food like pea nuts, cheese meat etc while drinking as they help a great deal to slow down the absorption of alcohol in your body.

4 Most of all do not stick in one place while drinking. Get up and move around and limit your drinks per hour.

5 Before going to sleep drink a glass of water and also keep a glass of water near by the bed to sip if you wake up during the night.

In the end I would like to conlcude that unfortunately, the harm done to the body with too much alcohol consumption does not vanish immediately. While you practice these hangover cures always remember that the true and the best hangover cure is time.


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