Mass effect game boss guide – Benezia and Asari Commandoes

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If you’re having trouble finishing the Noveria mission on Mass Effect, don’t worry- you’re not alone! Matriarch Benezia is a very tough boss. Probably the hardest boss in mass effect. Possibly one of the hardest bosses in any recent game (recent being a relative term here!)

Because Benezia is one of the new school bosses which behave like other enemies in the game rather than being big semi immobile monsters with glowing weak points, I can’t give you a step by step walkthrough on how to beat this boss battle- Benezia and her followers are just unpredictable! However, I can offer to guide you through this boss, and hopefully Benezia will be easier when you’ve learned a little more about how she operates.


To start with, I’d like to go over a few points on things to look out for in this boss fight.

First of all, Asari commandoes are HARD. If you’ve tried to beat the Thorian yet you’ll know that even one can cause a game over. They are the toughest ‘cannon fodder’ enemies in mass effect- at least geth destroyers and juggernoughts are slow! Benezia’s Asari commandoes move like the wind. This means you need to be able to hit them. If you’re having trouble tracking enemies, increase your mouse sensitivity, or if you’re playing on the console, try going into mass effect game options and changing it there. A guide won’t help if you can’t hit straight!

Most deaths to Benezia and her commandoes occur in the first 30 seconds of the boss fight. This is because everyone will hit you with their best biotic attacks right off the bat. If you can survive that, then you can maul them before these big hits recharge. Most people will notice that Benezia and her commandoes will knock you to the floor, and then the game is pretty much over- get up and they knock you back down with biotics. The key here is to keep moving. These attacks can be dodged- but the projectile is quite large!

Trying to attack Benezia herself it not advisable, as if you can’t pay attention to her commandoes, they will either gang up on you and kill you before you know what hit you, or they will knock you over. Either way, game over and the boss battle restarts. So focus on the Asari- You can beat Benezia later.


… is half the battle! It may sound simple, but before going off to fight Benezia, make sure everyone has their best weapons and armour equipped. IF you have upgrades that help resist physics attacks, they will be very useful in helping to survive this boss battle! Also, bringing Liara T’soni along doesn’t help much, if you can replace her with a fighter. A good combination to go for in this boss battle is Wrex and Ashley, or Wrex and Garrus. If you are playing a class that can’t use either a shotgun or an assault rifle, go for Ashley. Conventional firepower is important to kill the asari commandoes as quickly as possible.

You probably won’t be able to help this at this point, but when playing mass effect try to make sure that you have at least one weapon skill (preferably assault rifle or shotgun) maxed out. Being a monkey with one of these weapons make the game much easier- especially this boss fight with Benezia!

Oh, and make sure everyone has their best weapon as their active one! You don’t want Wrex using a pistol!

The Boss Fight Itself

You’re prepared to face Benezia, and you have a rough idea of what the problems will be- now you need to fight.

To begin with, activate any powers that you have that will enhance your ability to survive. Things like immunity are great (Shield recharge only helps if you’ve already lost shields though). Ignore Benezia, and target one of the commandoes coming in from her direction. If you’ve got biotics, hit her with your hardest attack. If you’ve got a good gun, activate carnage / overkill and hit her with everything you have.

The first few moments of this boss battle are crucial- keep jinking left and right (make sure it’s a big run- remember, biotic projectiles are big) and pour firepower on them. Try to kill one before they get into your midst.

Use the power menu to make sure that your entire party are using their best high damage powers, and focusing on one target. This is probably the most important tip in this guide- use your team and control them manually. Bringing up the radial wheels will also pause the action, letting you get a better hold on the situation. Very useful in any fight in mass effect, and doubly so against Benezia. Stasis is a great power to use here if you have it, as you can ‘neutralize’ one commando, while killing the other. One of the best powers in the game.

Once you’ve killed one commando, provided your team is still standing, the second shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Your chances of beating Benezia just went up, provided you don’t make any stupid mistakes.

For the next wave, check to your right (Of the direction you where facing when you started the boss battle, assuming you’re on the same corner). Take out the geth snipers first, as they die easily and can do a lot of damage if you let them. The commandoes shouldn’t try to storm you like the first batch did, so you can take them out in a firefight. Use grenades to kill them more quickly if they are behind cover.

Benezia will summon a few more waves, but by now, you should know the game plan for this boss battle. Don’t let the bastards get close, kill the geth first and don’t be stingy with medipacs. And if you’re under fire- run! The Asari tend to coordinate their attacks for great damage, so either duck in cover, or run. It also helps to stay mobile after the second wave, drawing the enemies out so you can fight them one at a time. Keep it up, and after a few more waves you will be able to safely attack Benezia directly.

And finally…

A few key points from this guide to remember about the Benezia boss battle.

  • Make sure you have a strong combat element.
  • Kill the first wave as fast as possible.
  • Make sure everyone is using offensive powers.
  • Stay mobile after the second wave.
  • Do not let anyone die, even if you have unity.
  • Don’t let the asari get close.
  • Kill the geth first.
  • Do not attack Benezia until her power gauge is depleted.
  • Use the power wheel often to pause and get a sense of what is going on.
  • Make sure everyone is using their best weapon.

That should cover it. Good luck, even with this guide you may still need a few more attempts. As a final point, you might also want to try pausing the game and coming back to it after a few hours. Benezia is the hardest boss in the game, and can wind anyone up, and when you’re angry you can’t concentrate as hard.


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