How to make money online without your own Blog

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Most of the online writers nowadays prefer to write on the free online writing platfrom rather than their own blog because the online writing platform is free as compared to those personal blog with domain name which requires them to pay for the monthly hosting fee plus the yearly domain name registration fee.  

Basically there are three types of business model which we can use to make money online when we are using the online writing platform as our money making tool, the CPM model, CPC model and Online Sale model.

CPM model

We will get paid based upon the number of unique readers our online article can get, the more readers we get, the more money we will make. In order to make money online with this type of model, you will need to

  1. Create an account with Bukisa, Bukisa is the best online writing platform for CPM model and they will pay you based on the Bukisa Index which based upon the overall performance of their webistes revenue streams.
  2. Start to write the ‘How To’ type of articles on Bukisa and submit to those social bookmarking site such as stumbleUpon, Reddit and dzone or insert the article link on facebook and twitter to invite your followers and freinds to read your article online. On facebook, use the live feed share feature and on twitter, tweet your link together with your tweet to drive readers to your article.
  3. Those topics such as Computer and Internet, SEO and Make Money Online will attract lots of readers to your site. In order to write such an article, you will need to have some programming and computer knowledges plus some SEO skills.
  4. The main strategy here is to get as many readers as you can to read your article online because the more unique readers you get, the more money you will make.

CPC Model

Under the CPC model, you will get paid based on how many clicks you can get from those ads on your article. This type of model is a lot more harder to make money than the previous one because normally the click-through rates will be very low even you can get lots of readers to read your article online, therefore, in order to make money online with this type of business model, you will need to look for those high CPC keywords to offset the low CTR from your site. To start making money with this model, first

  1. You will need to create an AdSense account with Google.
  2. Start to write on Hubpages and Flixya. If you write on those places such as Hubpages and Flixya, then you will not need to worry about the traffic factor because the daily traffic volume on those two places are very high and you will get thousands of daily readers to read your article if you can produce the article with great content. You can still use those social bookmarking sites to drive readers but what I have found out here is that it is very hard for us to convert the traffic from those social bookmarking sites into the real profit.
  3. Before you start writing, always use Google AdWords Keyword tool to look for those keywords with high CPC value and use them in your article because a high CPC value keyword will offset the low CTR from your article.
  4. With this type of business model, you will need to try to read the mind of your readers so you can convert more traffic into profit.

Sale Model

The final type of business model is the sale model, the online writing platform such as Squidoo and Hubpages will allow you to earn commision from Amazon eachtime a reader purchases the Amazon product from your online article. With Hubpages, you can keep all your revenues because you will be able to use your own Amazon affiliate link on your own article but you will have to share your revenue with Squidoo if you use it as your online writing platform. If you can establish a good personal contact with your readers, then they will most probably spend some money to buy those products from your site because not many readers are willing to spend their money online nowadays unless they know that writer very well.

You can use any of these business models as your online writing business model or you can combine all three of them to maximize your online profit, but no matter what type of model you have chosen, always remember these two important factors your article will need in order to make money online with it:

Traffic and Content

Without traffic, you will not being able to convert your hardwork into the real profit. Without a great article content, you will not get many readers and thus you will make less money from you article.


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