Why Use Twitter?

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Why use Twitter?

Why suddenly do we have millions of people Tweeting at Twitter? Is this just a fad or sign of things to come in the social media platform? There are about 1.1 million tweets per day as of this writing. There must be some reason behind that tweeting.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform which allows you to publish short messages of less than 140 characters  and can be possibly  done  through online , your cellphone or instant messenger. It has become a powerful platform for people and businesses in advertising their products and services.

Twitter just confirms that human beings are social animals wanting to relate and network. Twitter has increased the possibility of meeting thousands of people to network in a short New York minute.

Twitter uses:

1.Get all your positive coaches in one organized current written format-

If you want to follow people who are great speakers and coaches then twitter is heaven sent because you have at your disposal people with brilliant mindsets and positive spirits that you wish you get to hang around these people all day. Consider the likes of having all the most positive coaches in the world in one room and you get a piece of their thought! Considering the fact that you get to meet people in the physical world that are not all upbeat this is really a great inspiration.

2.Network with people around the globe in lightning speed-

It’s a global world and the farther the country they are in and the more different their culture- the more they become interesting to you. Nowhere can you go on the website and get to pick a new friend with a certain profile and a few clicks? Wnat someone interesting in China or France then look at Twitter as it gives you quick overview of who is out there. Before twitter, how could you have met this person, probably never.

3. Beats traditional networking – the traditional method of networking used to go like this. You dress professionally , get into a room and  hopefully bump into someone who seemed interesting to talk to. With the twitter way, you look at their twitter profile, an image and their website if given and their tweets and you decide within 20 seconds is this person worth following or not. What would I learn from him or her? I always ask myself if I met this individual in person , would I be predisposed to chat  with him or her?

4. Twitter is all about people- finding people with like interests in a jiffy. Did you ever look at a list of names in a phonebook and all you read was their phone number. Well twitter provides you more information about a person and that person who tweets allows you information about their interest and gives you a chance for them to be followed. From a business point of view that is fantastic because people who are interested in what you do get to follow you and you can develop a business relationship without looking to pushy- brand awareness is key.

Twitter don’ts

1. No boring stories here- We really do not care much what you ate for lunch but if you are sitting on top Of the Eiffel tower in a fancy restaurant enjoying the view that would make a difference. In short please tell us something extraordinary.

2. Do not overpush your product or service– remember it is all about relationships. If I see that all you do is tweet your product or service all the time -then you look like a salesman to me than a potential friend.

3. Tweet regularly- If  the last time you tweeted was months ago- maybe you are not around so more than likely I won’t follow you.

4. Is your twitter background so attractive enough for me to follow you?- your choice of background colors and layout should be visually appealing since I only have a few seconds to decide whether your tweets are interesting enough.

Twitter is all about people connecting people fast in short snippets.  In this age where time is a golden commodity as there are so many distractions a person could have- focus time is so special. That valuable time in the internet for surfing  has got to be summarized or it will leave you dazed just absorbing all that information.


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