Amazon Plans AppStore for Kindle Development Kit

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Amazon has announced a developer kit with which developers can provide software for the Ebook reader Kindle.

The developer kit for the Kindle bears the name “Kindle Development Kit” (KDK) and will appear in accordance with Amazon in February as a preview version. In the near future the first applications for the
Kindle Ebook reader will be available.

In accordance with Amazon it is possible, for example, to provide the current weather data and reports in travel guides with the help of KDK. Moreover, game freaks will be happy to hear that games like crossword puzzles will be available too.

With the KDK the developers receive access to all important abilities of the Kindle. They can also access the 3G-abilities of the Ebook reader. Moreover, the KDK is going to contain example codes, documentations and tools. Moreover, the 6 inches Kindle and the 9.7 inches Kindle DX can be simulated on personal computers (Mac, PC, Linux), so that the KDK applications can be tested extensively.

In the first step Amazon will offer the KDK only within the scope of a limited beta from February. Then later all developers will be able to use the developer kit.

Like with the Apple AppStore Amazon wants to earn from the income of the developers. Thus all income is split after the 70:30 principle: the developers receive 70 percent of the income and Amazon receives 30 percent. In addition, fees are also charged at the rate of 0.15 US dollars per transferred mb of the application that the developer has to pay. Besides, Amazon points out to the fact that Kindle owners are free to use 3G, and therefore the costs have to be covered for the downloads.

Free of charge applications may be offered for the Kindle. Those have to be smaller than 1 mb and cause less than 100 KB per month in traffic. For those applications, Amazon is going to pay for the monthly resulting traffic.

Alternatively developers can offer their applications as an unique purchase or as a monthly subscription. Applications bigger than 10 mb cannot be downloaded directly from the Kindle, but have to be downloaded from the PC and be transferred afterwards to the Kindle Ebook reader by USB.


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