Simple Thoughts

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        When it comes down to it, we all just want to be loved.

There are high times in our lives; and most of them come

about through the encouragement of someone else.

       The journey between what you once was, and who

you are now becoming is where the dance of life really

takes place.

       Those who bring Sunshine into the lives of other

people cannot keep it from themselves. So, whatever

you are doing, Love yourself for doing it. And whatever

you are feeling, Love yourself for feeling it.

      In all the places one has been, every smile anew

Horizon. There are so many people around the world

Different names,different faces, and still there’s one

true Emotion that reminds me were the same,from

one sweet melody to one last refrain.

      As deep as any Sea,as blue as any Ocean

with the rage of any storm – – –

But as gentle as a fallen leaf, on any Autum Morn;

It’s Love ….

       So when waking up in a room alone, thet reminds

one of what their heart has got to forget, with every 

breath only get stronger. Don’t make room for regret!

           Time is like turning pages, don’t be afraid of

the mystery of tomorrow.

            There’s a chance rebegin, sure as the Heavens.

Love is the light that glows in the Heart of those who know.

It’s a Steady flame that grows, and you feed the fire with

all the passion you can show.

            Each day Love assumes it place, it’s the memory

that even time cannot erase. Blind Faith leads love where

it has to go, and Blind Faith is what leads love to grow.


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