Plastic Surgery Is It Really Worth It?

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What is it that makes us beautiful? Is it having the perfect body and the perfect face? What would you do to stay looking young and attractive? These are questions that young women today ask themselves. What women fail to believe is that their favorite celebrities have a team of people working on them to make them look perfect for the red carpet and that these people just don’t wake up looking like that.

And not just young women are falling into the addiction of eating disorders and self body image. Even women in their 30’s and 40’s are brainwashed alike. Heidi Montag, star of The Hills, a popular MTV reality show underwent 10 surgeries so that she could look like the perfect quintessential blonde. A budding star in her own right, but what extremes will she go to look “perfect”? Women aren’t considering the risks that are involved when undergoing plastic surgery. Although it may seem to be an easy way out of feeling either depressed or to build self confidence, it does have serious side effects and can even result in death. It has become an obsession with this generation and probably will continue to be a taboo subject. Some people don’t see anything wrong with going under the knife, where others are strictly opposed to the idea of altering one’s god given traits.

Whether you’re considering cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery, you want the skill of an ASPS Member Surgeon—a doctor with more than six years of surgical training and experience, with at least three years specifically in plastic surgery. Their training and experience make them uniquely qualified to perform your cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.


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