Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts – Balloon Love Coupons

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Balloon love coupons are an inexpensive gift idea fo Valentine’s Day, birthdays and other special occasions. Here are some tips for creating your own special Valentine’s Day moment. The most important thing is to have fun!


  • Red and White Balloons (Heart shaped for extra points!)
  • Plain white paper
  • Computer with printer (optional)
  • Tool for inflating balloons  or helium tank (optional)


  1. Create a list of coupon items such as One free massage, Breakfast in bed, etc. See below for ideas.
  2. Write each item on a strip of paper, or print them in list format and cut them out.
  3. Place a strip of paper into a balloon and inflate the balloon (blow them up or use a helium tank or balloon pump).
  4. Place the balloons around the floor, hang them in a balloon canopy or fill the bathtub with them.
  5. Recipient can pop the balloons with a pin, or by sitting or standing on them.

Coupon Ideas – Customize for Interests of the Gift Recipient

For a Romantic Partner:

  • Free pass to choose the movie
  • Dinner at favorite restaurant
  • Breakfast in bed
  • One I’ll-walk-the-dog pass
  • Romantic Massage
  • Night of dancing (at home or out)
  • I’ll clean the ___ (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc)

For Parents:

  • Babysitting
  • Day to sleep in
  • Day without diaper change pass
  • Mom or Dad’s Night Out

For Kids:

  • Day without chores
  • Night to choose dinner
  • Pass to choose family movie
  • Afternoon mini-golfing or at the arcade
  • Stay-up-late one night
  • Extra half-hour of video games or TV
  • One candy bar of choice
  • Control of car radio for a day

Other Uses for Balloon Coupons:

  • Create a riddle or scavenger hunt to lead to a present rather than the coupons
  • Color code the balloons to use with multiple children or party guests

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