A Mother’s Love – A Valentine Poem

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This Mother’s Love, This Mother’s Love…

From mothers new, to young and old,

Their story oft, goes untold,

Through countless prayers, in faith that’s true,

this matriarch, loves me and you.

She trusts in God, this Queen of Love,

gives close a glimpse, of He above,

nothing separates, a mother’s love,

nor sacrifice, for welfare of,

not quenched by deeds, nor partial of,

it does reflect, the Father’s love.

This Mother’s Love, this labor of,

their sacrifice, is Mother’s Love.

The words were taken from mother’s names in the Bible. These are characteristic of them.

Athaliah: An early, archaic shortened word for God. The only ruling Queen [ruler]in Judah’s history (II Kings (9:29).

Deborah: Literally “bee”, busy, efficient, laboring tirelessly, a Judge in Israel and very courageous, even leading troops into battle (Judges 4:45).

Elizabeth: “God is her oath”, appropriate since she was the mother of John the Baptist, coming from a priestly family and was deemed faithful and righteous before God (Luke 1:6).

Hannah: Meaning “grace”. She was attributed to much prayer (I Sam. 2:1-10).

Mary: Literally, “a tear” or grieved, also sensitive, passionate. Nothing separated here from her Son, staying till the very end of His very death, even when all others had gone.

Rachel: “A mother of two nations”, this matriarch had two separate nations through Jacob (Israel) and Esau. Her motivation was to protect her son’s inheritance (Gen. 27:1-29).

Ruth: Means “satiation” or “to satisfy”, she labored daily at the well, thoroughly trusted God (following Naomi to a strange land) and was included in Jesus’ genealogy (Math. 1:5).
Sarah: Means “princess“, a mother of nations (Gen. 17:16), she is included in the Hall of Faith (Heb. 11). Even God told Abraham to listen to her about her son‘s inheritance, and that God supported her decision (Gen. 21:12).


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