How to Take Care of Your Handpainted Plate Settings

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In Italy the tradition of using fine handpainted dinnerware started in the Renaissance. Nowadays Italian dinnerware sets are available all over the world. All new pieces are valuable because they are handmade and handpainted. Though you can still use them for special occasions or everyday on your table. Just follow a few tips.

Before using your new plates for the first time wash all the pieces by hand. It allows a better seasoning of the ceramics. It is possible to use any soap. Eventually you may use the dishwasher.

Handpainted Italian ceramics are sensitive to high heat. Therefore it is not possible to put them in the microwave or in the oven for warming up. They might brake because of the fact that the clay is porous while the coat of glaze is hard.

If you are using a tea pot and/or a coffee pot, it is important not to pour boiling liquids all of a sudden. A table spoon might be useful to deflect some of the heat. This tip is also valid for your coffee and tea cups.

Apparently there are a few restrictions because of the heat, though by the frequent usage of your plates you will feel more comfortable. Many people use Italian handpainted dinnerware in their homes.


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