O’Brian vs. Leno: Conan Got Screwed

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I realize I am the billionth person to weigh in on this scandalous affair, but here goes opinion #1,000,000,001. After thorough research (mostly Google), and careful consideration (I took some time before the Jersey Shore Finale), I have come to the conclusion that Jay Leno is in fact a douche bag. Admittedly, I have never been a fan, though I didn’t dislike the guy, but that was before he screwed David Letterman, the clear heir apparent to the Johnny Carson legacy, out of the Tonight Show in the early 1990s. After that, I never cared for Leno. But I didn’t think he was a giant arse as I believe now.

Poet Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Well, I BELIEVE! I believe Jay Leno is a back-stabbing schmuck.

It seems the general opinion of Jay Leno, prior to the Late-Night Wars with David Letterman, was that he was the “nicest guy in Hollywood.” I am guessing the people who said that about Jay Leno did not have a show he wanted. Otherwise they would be just another number in the body count Leno is racking up. Maybe we have the idea that nice guys finish last all wrong. Apparently, the reason nice guys finish last is because they have eliminated the competition by whatever despicable means necessary.

According to executives at NBC, there were affiliate stations that complained they were losing their 11 o’clock news audience because Jay Leno wasn’t on at 11:30pm. But he was on right before 11 o’clock. If you were a Leno devotee (and you should ask yourself why), then you could watch him before the news as well as you could after the news. Where’s the logic?

Here’s what I think happened.

I am no conspiracy theorist. I think Oswald was the lone gunman, I think Elvis Presley is most definitely dead, and I think Jay Leno wanted his show back and threw Conan O’Brien under the bus to make it happen. I do not believe there were any complaints except the ones from Leno himself. He was tanking at 10 o’clock and wanted to go back to the Tonight Show.

If Jay Leno was the nice guy he is proclaimed to be, he would have taken his lumps like everybody else. His show failed. It happens, and when it does happen you deal with it and move on to the next chapter. Do you think it occurred to Jay Leno that he was already established in Los Angeles and Conan O’Brien moved his family and his staff across the country for that job? Do you think Jay Leno considered for one second that he would forever disgrace the reputation of the Tonight Show? No, he obviously did not. Further evidence of his douche baggery.

God bless Conan O’Brien. How about $33 million dollars? Did I get that right? Yep. Conan is going to have mink tissues to dry his tears, but it is obviously not about the money for Mr. O’Brien (you have to call him “Mr.” now that he’s the Eight Figures Man). Like David Letterman, Conan O’Brien paid his dues and worked very hard to get to host the Tonight Show. Perhaps that is why this all feels so personal. When you see someone achieve their dream, you take hope in your own dreams. Conan O’Brien is a talented guy and will make us all laugh again when we share the next journey with him. If anyone doubted his following, there is no denying Team Conan now. I’m with Coco! I am most definitely with Coco!


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