Google Chrome – Catching Up Firefox

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Google made a nice move when they released Google Chrome in late 2008. In just 1 year, Google Chrome is the third most used browser, after Internet Explorer and FireFox. What made Google Chrome this popular is the fact the that Google is extremely light, only using the minimum of what normal users need. It also comes out of the crowds in terms of security, having up-to-date list of phishing sites and sites with malware. The biggest gap between Google Chrome and FireFox was the add-ons, but Google just released Google Chrome 4.0 beta, adding support to extension. This latest update made MANY FireFox users switch to Chrome. And it’s just the start.

Developers rushed to get their FireFox add-ons compatible with Google Chrome. Sadly enough, some people also tried to make copies of popular add-ons, and AdBlockPlus was not left alone. As I am writing this, there is 2 popular copies of AdBlockPlus, AdBlock and AdBlock+. Both are NOT made by the authors of AdBlockPlus, and I recommend AdThwart. Popular add-ons like LastPass, Web of Trust, FlashBlock, XMarks, IE Tab, Cooliris and much more are currently available for Google Chrome. What made me switch to Chrome was iMacro. I could not have lived without it.

For those wondering if there was a DownloadHelper for Google Chrome, sadly enough, it’s not there yet. There IS a Youtube Downloader for those interested. I love the design of this one because it adds a Download Button under the Subscribe button. You can find it here:

Here are the best sites for Google Chrome Extensions.

In conclusion, FireFox really needs to come up with something BIG if they want to get back all the users they lost because of Chrome. Google made a good shot with this update, and I think that it started the Browser War.


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