How to make, cook and serve pasta

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Here are some tips on how to best handle pasta. How to make pasta from scratch, how to cook it, the difference between dried and fresh pasta, various pasta shapes, appearance, smell and much more.

Homemade Pasta
The flour is the main ingredient in pasta, so it is extremely important to choose the right kind of flour, namely the Italian semolina-me produced by durum wheat. Durum wheat has a golden color and is a “hard” wheat, which is especially suitable for pasta. It is more expensive than ordinary wheat flour, but the ordinary wheat flour, which can be bought in supermarkets are not suitable for pasta. With plain wheat flour, the pasta will become sticky and get the wrong consistency. If you want to build a successful pasta itself, we must take hold of the right flour.

There are different types of domestic pasta machines. The described model has two rollers which can be adjusted, and operated by hand. There are also small electric models, but not all machines process the dough long enough.
Pasta is a complex ernærngsmæssigt good basic food. Do we have problems with high cholesterol may be limited to just a single egg yolk and whites of three eggs. there is absolutely no cholesterol in egg whites.

Basic Recipe for fettuccine pasta

for four people you need:
300 grams of semolina-flour (durum wheat flour)
3 eggs
1 tbsp corn or olive oil

small hand pasta machine
possibly rolling pin

Pour the flour into a bowl. The eggs are beaten out and added with oil. Stir the ingredients together with a fork.
When the flour has absorbed the eggs, knead the dough well for approx. 10 minutes. The dough should be smooth, elastic and be sufficiently tough. If it is a little too firm, then add a little water. Is it too moist and sticky, add a little more flour.
rollout of the paste can be done either with a rolling pin or, more easily and efficiently with a pasta machine.
The dough is rolled through the pasta machine rollers to form comfortable thin slices.
Thinly rolled pasta is very refined, but require extra care when cooking. Let them dry for a few minutes before being cut into thin strips.

Finished pasta can be refrigerated, gently spread out on a tray so that the strips will not stick together. Cover with a tea towel so they do not dry out.

Cooking pasta – how long and when?

Boil the pasta  while stirring in plenty of water, added a little salt. Let the pasta “swim” freely. Cooking time varies according to how fresh or dry pasta is. Absolutely freshly made pasta, just cook for approximately 1 minute, while the cooking time increases to approximately 7 minutes for dried pasta. For pre bought pasta  cooking time is indicated  on the package.
If in doubt about how long to boil pasta, you can try to bite into it. You should just be able sense a slight firmness in the middle, without seeming to hard.
After cooking the pasta quickly drip out it of a sieve. Turn over the pasta in a little oil or butter, or it can be turned over with the sauce and ingredients. Both prevents the pasta from sticking together.
Serve the pasta quickly, because pasta quickly gets cold.

Should we unconditionally select freshly made pasta?
A completely fresh pasta, prepared with the best ingredients is a great delicacy. But the fewer types can certainly also retained land, if you do not even have time to do it or do not live near stores that sell fresh pasta.
The freshly prepared pasta, preferably eaten the same day it is prepared. Since this can not easily be made “industrial”, therefore producing a fresh pasta that special packed and cooled to supermarkets. This will keep for up to several weeks. The quality varies according to the materials and methods used during manufacture.
There are also excellent dry pasta, and this has the advantage that it is easier to cook it perfectly.

Serving of pasta.
Pasta should be served as a serving dish. It keeps your meal hot for longer.
Pasta presents itself beautifully with the sauce and finely sliced vegetables. Very simple tools can make a meal of pasta that look inviting. Placing the pasta on fresh spinach leaves can do wonders. A few whole leaves leaf parsley on top of the pasta will also help to make the dish look appetizing.

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