Relationship Problems and Their Solutions

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Problems in our relationships are very common, however we can use several tactics in order to avoid them, and always have a happy ending in all matters, with everyone.

If you want to always have good relationships and many friends, you have to learn to respect everyone for what they are, without criticizing them according to your points of view. You have to learn how to examine the objective reality independently of your personal opinion about it. This is a general rule you should apply in all aspects of your life.

Respect everyone and treat everyone in the same way that you treat your best friends. Be nice even with people you dislike or that are rude to you, because your behavior should never depend on other people’s behavior. You should always be gentle, respect everyone, no matter how insignificant their social position may be, and no matter how much you may want to take advantage of their weakness.

Always be honest and sincere with everyone, and you will live peacefully, having real friends who will really like you – otherwise all your friends will be hypocrites. You always receive in life the same as you give out. If you are sincere, you’ll attract sincere friends, but if you are a liar, all your friends will be snakes.

If you have problems in your relationships, the first thing you must admit is that you are provoking them; no matter how absurd the others may be. Perhaps it is not your fault for provoking them, because you could be reminding them of something unpleasant. However, there are still negative waves coming from you, no matter how they are formed.

So, something is wrong with you. Of course, there are also many things wrong with the others, but you cannot correct their behavior. You can only correct yours, and this is what you are going to do.

Try to understand what bothers them so much and look for your faults, no matter how correct you believe you are.

Perhaps your fault is not in the problem, but in the way you present it. Are you being kind and understanding? Are you ready to forgive the other person, or ready to kill them if they confess something you dislike?

If you want to have good relationships with everyone you have to be a diplomat, but without being the type that agrees with everyone only in order to keep a false peace. You have to be understanding of everyone, forgive everyone’s mistakes and defects and always be the type of person that nobody is afraid of.

This way, you’ll learn everything about everyone. If you always forgive and understand everyone, people won’t be afraid to tell you the truth.

Be understanding and peaceful, and you will always have calm relationships, without fights and misunderstandings.

If you are facing problems now, besides understanding that the other person has their own personality, try to find smart solutions.

Don’t stop at the first obstacle. Look for another way to do what you want. Be creative, original and insistent. Never give up!

Put yourself in the place of the other person and try to understand what you would do in their place, but not according to what you think: according to their personality.

There are always a billion solutions for each problem. Look calmly for them and you’ll find the best one for sure.

Tell yourself that you are very intelligent and you will discover the best solutions, facing all the problems of life with courage.

You will realize that in fact nobody really knows how to live and how to solve the various problems of life. If you are organized and sincere and if you think seriously about everything, without forgetting your sensitivity, you will always find the best solutions for your problems. Your relationships won’t be characterized by conflicts, but by a positive contribution from the other side for the conservation of the friendship at a superior level, where harmony and love prevail.


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