Seven Simple Weight Loss Tips

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When watching your weight or trying to lose weight, these seven simple tips can be incorporated in your daily diet plan. Not only will these tips aid in weight loss, but will put you on a path to eating healthier.

Eat your vegetables and fruits first. At every meal, eat the low calories, healthy food first so you will have less room to fill up on the higher calorie entree.

Add more fiber to your diet to keep you full, aid in digestion and keep cholesterol low. Choose whole wheat bread over white bread, toss extra kidney beans onto your salad and put some extra vegetables in every recipe.

Reach for water to quench your thirst instead of a high calorie beverage. Water keeps you hydrated and energized, keeps you feeling full and aids in food digestion.

Pass on adding sugar to nay food or beverage and choose an artificial sweetener if you must sweeten something. Just one teaspoon full of sugar contains almost 50 calories.

When you dine out, order an appetizer instead of an entree’. Most appetizers are served in in a large enough portion to satisfy your hunger, plus their generally lower in calories if you stay away from any fried appetizers.

Hungry and the only food source available is a vending machine? Choose the bag of pretzels or baked chips for a low calorie snack instead of the chocolate candy bar.

Get up and get moving. The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you eat, so walk as much as possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator and so forth, just keep moving to burn those extra calories before they can attach to your stomach or thighs.


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