How to apply the perfect foundation

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How to apply the perfect foundation
First of all, always put makup on a clean face.

Second of all, all good makeup starts with a colorless moisturizer. Even if your foundation contains moisture-retaining substances, it becomes even easier to put it on evenly and neatly, if you used a moisturizer first.

Your foundation should be lightly covering and mattifying. This give a more natural and fresh look. If you are going out to a party, you can choos a more covering foundation.

Before you put foundation on, you can cover any impurities or dark circles under your eyes with a concealer. Do not try to hide the impurities completely with a thick layer of concealer. The blemishes will just become seem even more visible. Cover them just slightly, so that you blur the impression that they are actually there. A good thing is to choose a concealer with light-reflecting pigments.Earlier, you were recommended to use a sponge, when applying foundation – today most experts recommend that you use your fingers. Both of hygienic reasons but also because the modern foundations better “melts” on your skin when you use your fingers. Remember also to distribute the foundation on the eyelids and mouth.

Choosing foundation from your skin type and by how wide you want it. It is a good idea just to try the foundation on the jaw line, near the transition to the neck. This will give the best idea of the color. Never try the color on your hand, where the skin is often darker than it is in your face.

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