How To Promote Your Articles Online

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 If you are writing content for a site that pays you for the number of times your article is viewed you need to market the article well. In this case writing a good article in not enough as it may not generate the kind of income you expect it to. In order to make money out of your articles online you need to market your articles.

 The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to write articles that are appropriate and at the right time. Writing articles about Christmas during May is not going to get a positive response. It is important to write your articles at the appropriate time.

 Promoting your articles on sites like and on social networking sites helps to increase the traffic to your content. Facebook, myspace, live and digg are common media that allows you to publish your content and links to the content that you have written.

 Create your own blog and post articles or links your articles daily. You can promote your blog on other sites so that you increase the traffic to your blog as well as to your content.

 Twitter is also a good resource that helps to promote articles and online content. Another way to promote your content is on yahoo answers. You could answer questions on the posts and add the link to your article. You can use this as a means to promote your article and increase traffic.

 Create a routine so that you are able to promote all the articles that you write. Create a database of all the links and then promote them daily, weekly or monthly. It will take a few minutes to do this but once you get into the routine you will notice an increase in your income.


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