Unique Ways to Help the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake

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The devastating earthquake that recently happened in Haiti had caused a lot of hardship to the Haitians. Although many notable organizations and some celebrities have already started helping in one way or another, it is still not late to assist those affected by the earthquake. Here are some unique ways I just thought of that you may employ to help the victims of the terrible natural disaster.

Have a fund-raising yard or garage sale. Encourage your friends or club members to bring some old items that can sell to one another or perhaps to members of the public as well to raise fund for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. If you plan to hold the sale for the public, please ensure that you find out whether a permit is required from the relevant authority.

Hold a funfair. Your club, school or organisation may conduct a special funfair where funds for those affected by the earthquake can be collected from sales of food, game events, and other entertainment. You may also have tickets to be sold prior to thefunfair where visitors to the funfair can use each specific ticket for a specific event or food. Don’t forget to find out whether a permit is required to hold a funfair since most to increase the chances to raise a lot of money, you need to invite the family members of each student and they can be considered as members of the public.

Sell food at a club meeting. Encourage members of your club who can cook to cook some food to be sold at a club meeting to raise fund for the victims of the earthquake. Your club may also want to invite the members of the public to come to the club to purchase the food.

Hold a competition. Competitions and contents are events that can attract people as people like to win something. Hold a competition where anyone who is interested in participating must pay for it. The money collected, of course, goes to the victims of the earthquake. In some parts of the world, a permit is required to hold a competition or a contest. Be sure to check with the authority whether a permit is required in your area.

Do some odd jobs for the people. If you can mow the lawn or help in the garden, you may offer your help to some people for a fee to raise fund for those who are affected by the earthquake. You may advertise telling the people that you are willing to help anyone to mow his or her lawn to raise fund for the victims. If you can paint well, you may want to help people with their painting job and charge them areasonable price and give the money you earn to the victims of the earthquake.

Have a talent time to raise fund. Organize a talent time where money can be raised from the sale of tickets to the event. You may also pass the hat during for each performance to collect additional funds for the victims of the earthquake. If you are conducting the event in the public, be sure to check whether you need a permit to do so.

Bake and sell cookies. Propose to your club to have members who can bake cookies to bake some to be sold at a club meeting or function to raise fund for the victims of the earthquake. You may also get the club members to volunteer to attempt to sell the cookies from door to door.

Busk on a street. If you can sing or can play a portable musical instrument, you may want to busk to raise money for the victims of the earthquake. Make sure you find out whether you need a permit first to do so and also whether you need an additional permit to raise fund in such a manner. No matter if you are required to display the permit to raise fund, it is good to display it so that people will have more confidence in dropping their coins and notes into your container. Since, they know you are doing a good cause, they may be more encouraged to drop in more.

Donate a product. If you are selling a product which a necessity to the victims of the earthquake, you may want to donate a specific quantity of the product to help them. By doing so, you will feel better for having assisted the less fortunates and your business will be more popular when the people know that you have help through it.

Donate the revenue form the sales of a product. Instead of donating a product, you may donate the revenue from the sales of one your products. Tell the people what percentage of the proceed from the sales of the chosen product will be given to assist the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. People, if I am not wrong, will be more willing to buy the product if it is used to help those who are less fortunate.

Print and sell special greeting cards. If you have artistic skills, you may want to design and print some cards that you can sell to raise fund for the victims of the earthquake.

Hold an auction. Hold an auction at your club where you can raise fund for the victims of the earthquake by auctioning off items donated by members of the club. Some places require you to have a permit to conduct an auction. Be sure to check with the authorities whether you need to have a permit if the auction is to be conducted in public in the area you plan to have the event.

Donate unwanted but useful items. You may donate anything that you no longer need but can be useful to the victims of the earthquake to authorized organizations like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. You may also encourage members of your club to bring whatever unwanted but useful items to the club meeting. It is also a good idea to find out from the Red Cross or the Salvation Army what items are needed by the victims as well as those who are directly helping them.

Conduct a special education program for the victims. You may have heard the famous saying “Give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will be able to feed himself all his life.” If you have experience in educating people or have a useful skill that you want to share, you may set up a program to where the victims of the earthquake can have the opportunity to learn useful skills for free so that they can fend themselves and need not depend so much onmonetary and other forms of aid. If your education program is approved, you may ask for donations to raise fund to conduct it .

Of course, the above suggestions are not the only ways to raise fund for the victims of the earthquake. In addition to the ideas above, you may have your own. Please feel free to share yours as part of your comment on this article. Be sure to find out whether a permit is required to raise fund for the victims of thecatastrophic event before starting to apply the methods mentioned above or your own to save yourself and your organisation from any unwanted problems.


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