Can adult content be posted on ‘blogger’?

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The wonderful invention of Internet has revoluationized the process of information sharing. Who would have expected by merely connection computers around the world could be so powerful in the far past. Now that it is possible, the most commonly searched word on the Internet is inevitably the word ‘sex’. Because of the curiousity over sex, porn industry has ever since flourished the world of Internet.

I have heard people saying that ‘The Internet is entirely funded by pornography’. Although, I do not agree to this statement fully, it does make us wonder and some of the people in the minority quarters believed that it is somewhat true. We have to face the very fact that the most searched words on a usual basis is sexually related or relevant.

I cannot recall precisely, but in the period around year 2004 or after, blog became popular. Sharing of personal feelings and social platform was brought to another level before Friendster and subsequently Facebook came along and exploded the concept of social networking which bringing people around the world closer.

As blog becoming more and more popular among the teenagers, it naturally incresaes in its number. In additionally to that, blogs are free. The best part of all, by sharing your knowledge, you can earn at the same time. By simply subscribing to marketing affiliates like Google Adsense or AdBrite and so on, you can earn money with your blogs.

Consequently, in order to have the most popular blog, some choose to specialize their information being shared on their blog on adult content like sexy pictures, big breast girls and what have you to make money. But the questions that I have been encountering on social medium was that whether it is possible to post adult content on blogs which are provided free.

I have since made a check and found that it is indeed possible as outlined in the Blogger, the provider of blogspot, content policy. When adult content is being flagged by users, visitors will be shown a content warning page before access is granted to prevent people who chooses not to see such material from stumbling into them accidentally. The management of blogger felt that this is the best solution in the hope to maintain a safe online experience for users of all ages and also to be a platform for the personal expression and creativity that has come to characterize Blogger and its very users.

This article only serves as information and knowledge sharing and not at all, an inducement to start such blogs. See Blogger FAQ for more details.


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