Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Confirms Couple!

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Hasen’t everyone been dying to get the truth out of all the Robsten rumors? Well A friend of mine is very close to kristen and quote: Kristen says “To start with, nah we were just buds, but we’ve decided to be more than that”! According to Rob he confirms it as well. And After she told me this i told her i didnt believe her so she took me to Kristen and Rob in person and they confirmed it “Together”. Seems as if they mean it this time. Now, this relationship isn’t the impossible one they have in the Twilight series, they told me it was going to be a “Papparazzi free,soft, sweet Relationship. Because then the Papparazzi would just be the Voultori in real life, now couldn’t you see Rob scooping Up Kristen and kristen saying: “No, rob i can defend myself from the flashing cameras. Ha! But Kristen also confirms that she isn’t the lovey dovey type like her Closest girlfriend Taylor Swift, she is the complete opposite. She says:” I’m only Girly When I have to be”! Which means only in front of the camera. So Rob And Kristen say that there just gonna have a normal relationship and see what else it turns into! Meanwhile. they are shooting Breaking Dawn now and them being a couple makes the love seens easier says Rob, even though he already loved kissing Kristen Before. Anyway as there relationship heats up keep tuning in for more info and you just might see them Engaged on the next magazine cover!


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