How to care geese

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People care geese for a long time. People take care geese for meat.They have delicious dark meat that it is not too good for health. In my country, geese’s function is a watch dog. It will sound loudly when someone try to enter our house.

The bird has has beautiful plumage color. There are various plumage geese like white, brown, grey, and black.

Geese is best for your garden. It may control your garden grass because geese like grass. If you want care it, you can follow these steps;

1. Buy a health pair of geese. you can buy a group that contain dozen geese.

2.Make a comfort cage for geese. You can make it with wood ad wire.

3. You should provide water pool for this beautiful bird because it is including water fowl. Water is their habitat and they find food at water too. Make sure the water is deep enough so they can get their head or beaks into water.

4. Feed them with vegetables and seed. Unlike other fowl, geese like vegetables, leaf and grass. You can give them cereal to and they will like it. geese like seed to like cracked corn, white wheat, barley, etc.

5. You may provide nest box for the female. Perhaps they want to lay. You can make wood box, half barrel, or bamboo. Do not forget to put hay inside box.

6.Clean the cage periodically

This bird will become aggressive if they have kid. Do not be afraid with its threat. They just want expel you not kill you.

Photo by: Daveness 98


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