The World’s Most Famous Urban Legends of All Time

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An urban legend or also known as an urban folklore are stories which are sensationalized, distorted or exaggerated over time.

Urban Legends are sometimes reported in news programs and stirs interest from the public. Occasionaly these tales happened to a “friend of a friend.”

While urban legends may take the form of paranormal activities, urban legends are not necessarily false. Some of them are factual but as I’ve said they are somewhat distorted over time, hence losing a semblance of reality.

Here below is a compilation of the world’s most famous urban legends.

Bloody Mary

Popular folklore says that once you face the mirror at midnight and chant the word “Bloody Mary” three times (other variations of the story says a hundred times while others, thirteen times) after which the ghost of Bloody Mary will appear to kill the summoner in a violent manner.

Bloody Mary is said to be the ghost of a widow who killed her own children. Though it is said that Bloody Mary is out to rip the face of her summoner other versions of the urban legend pictures the ghost of Bloody Mary as friendly and approachable.

Some say that Bloody Mary will often reveal the summoner’s future more specifically the one that concerns his/her marriage.

Well To Hell

Since 1997, a popular folklore has been circulating the internet. Legend says that a hole was once drilled in the Soviet Union. This hole was apparently so deep that it reach hell.

According to claims published in a Finnish news paper and as reported by Trinity Broadcasting in 1989, the hole which measures 9 miles deep is a passage to hell. The explorers then dropped an extremely heat tolerant microphone from which the cries and screams of the damned were heard.

Other versions of the folklore reports that a bat-like apparition rose out of the blazing trail of fire across the sky.

Yamashita’s Treasure

During the World War II, Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita according to reports hid stolen loot compromising of gold bullions, gold bars, antiques and other expensive metals in a cave in the Philippines.

Since then, treasure hunters were lured to the Philippine Islands looking for the unimaginable wealth. Another popular story also circulated in the 1980’s  when Rogelio Roxas claimed to have found the treasure along with a golden Buddha statue which was all confiscated by then Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos.

Roxas claimed that in 1961 he met a son of a former Japanese army soldier. This informant of his related to him the location of the chamber in which hidden is the enormous treasure of Yamashita including a golden Buddha made up of solid gold.

Roxas claimed to have open the chamber of wealth but the president after learning what had happened ordered the seizure of treasures.

Roxas filed a court case against the Marcoses in Hawaii which resulted in a $22 billion penalty from  the Marcoses — the biggest ever judgment awarded in history. The penalty ballooned to $40.5 billion after interest.

A appeal was made however and that the final sum to be paid was stationed at $13,275,848.37.

Mel’s Hole

Mel’s hole is an anomaly named after Mel Waters. Waters claimed to have discovered a hole that has paranormal properties often reviving dead animals and an infinite depth.

Several people claimed to have seen the hole thus proving its existence but the irony is the existence of Mel Water is never proven.

According to investigations there were no Mel Waters listed in the telephone directory, taxpayer’s list or even in the residence’s list.

Up to this date, Mel’s hole neither Mel himself are missing.


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