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Some say network marketing is just a cleverly disguised personal development plan with a bonus compensation plan. Are you focused on becoming a better, wiser person, adding value to lives,being a competant leader or just on making money?

Trying to grow a home business by JUST focusing on the business and money aspect can be very hard. Rather like trying to grow a flower by just planting it……..there are many other factors that are needed to make it grow and bloom prolifically…..sun,shade,  the right soil, the right climate,etc..

Having a home business is the same. You need to have all the pieces of the pie to make the pie complete. And a HUGE part of that is self-growth and self improvement. Taking online classes , reading motivational books and listening to Cd’s about personal development and character development will not only make you a better, stronger person and leader, it will improve your business strategies at the same time. It makes you look at the way you do things in a whole new way.

I highly recommend that you spend at least 1 hour a day on yourself. It’s an investment that you really need to make!!! Be a magnet to all there is to learn… open to new ways… accepting to growth and change .

There are some leaders I recommend. Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn,Chris Widener,Jack Canfield among them. Find someone who appeals to you and really take the time to apply what they say, not just listen. The applying part is always much harder for people. Anyone can read the words or watch a seminar.

Sign up for newsletters, daily inspirations, and purchase what you can afford and what appeals to you. Your money invested is worth it beyond gold. Your life will improve in more ways than I can say and your business WILL grow as a result.

But in the long run, it’s not so WHAT you earn, it’s WHO you become. And THAT is what will make your life more full of joy than anything else.


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