Salad with rice and ham

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Salad with rice and ham

The salad serves 2-3 and takes 40 minutes for preparation. I tasted it for the first time last year and since then I have prepared it 5 times. The salad is very fresh and could be used also as an appetizer.


150 gr ham

100 gr rice

2 eggs

50 ml olive oil

2 table spoons finely chopped parsley

Black pepper powder

Lemon juice

For the decoration:

2-3 red tomatoes

2 green peppers

Black olives

Method of preparation:

The rice should be boiled into salted water. When it is ready pour some cold water and after that dry the rice. The hard boiled egg should be cut into cube shape. Do the same with the ham. Add the ham and the egg to the rice. Sprinkle some black pepper powder. Pour the olive oil. Stir well. Sprinkle the parsley. Add the lemon juice to taste. If it is necessary you could add some salt. The mixture should be stirred well and placed into a big plate. Decorate it with slices of red tomatoes which could be make in the shape of roses and an olive could be put inside your”rose”. Use the stripes from the green pepper as leaves of your “roses”. Enjoy this beautiful salad!


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