How to cook Ramen Noodles with more Taste (For Beginners)

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What you need

-A bag of Ramen Noodles -.-”

-First get about 2 cups of water.

-Get a pot that you can fit the noodle flat.


Let get Started

1.Pour the water in the pot.

2.Put the pot on stove.

3.Turn on the stove, the flame should be big but not bigger than the bottom of the pot.

4.Wait untill water is boiling, you will know when its boiling when you see steam and water is making bubbles. 5.After the water is boiling put the noodle in the boiling water.(Advise- Check the pot regularly, if you leave the poton for too long, it will dry up and start a fire.)

6.Get some wooden chopstick (if have) or something that is wooden that you can stir with.

7.DON’T USE METAL OBEJECTS TO STIR. If you do use metal object to stir make sure it have a wooden handle or plastic handle or it will burn your hands.

8.After about 2.5mins turn off the stove. Don’t over cook it or it will taste saggy and nasty.

9.Go to the sink and pour “SOME” water our. (If you like dry noodles pour all water out and pour half of the spice)

10. Pour the water untill its at the noodles level.

11. When there is little water, pour in the spice thingy.

12.Mix it around and then empty the water. (If you like wet noodles keep the water. Don’t drink the water though, it is not healthy.)

13.You should end up with dry noodles, with spice.

14. Put it in a bowl and enjoy 🙂

Thats how I make my Ramen Noodles.


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