Rice salad

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Rice salad

This salad is very easy for preparation because it takes only 40 minutes. At the same time it is delicious and suitable for different dishes with meat. I use it especially for pork meat. The wonderful salad serves 8 people and it is suitable for every season.


2 cups of white rice

6 cups (about 200 gr each) water

1 can of sweet maize

1 glass sour gherkins

5 eggs

2 cups of mayonnaise

Salt to taste

For the decoration:

1 red pepper

Parsley or dill (it depends on which one do you like most)


Method of preparing:

In a sauce pan pour 6 cups of water and when it boils put the rice and salt to taste. Cook it until there is no water left in the sauce pan. Meanwhile boil the eggs until they are hard boiled. Then cut them into small pieces. Do the same with the gherkins. In a big plate mix the rice, the maize and the mayonnaise. Put the eggs and the gherkins on the top of the salad. Decorate with stripes of red pepper, bunches of parsley or dill. Put some halves of the olives. Enjoy it! Use the salad with meat or as an appetizer. It is suitable also for red wine.


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