Save Money on Dinner Recipes

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You need to cook dinner and all you can find in your pantry is odd and end staples that do not go together. Sound familiar? Likely you will find pasta, soups, canned vegetables and things in the deep, dark recesses that you forgot you had. Now go check your refrigerator and your freezer. Find any frozen vegetables, packages of meat, salad dressing, and other random items?

That is all you need for these easy pasta recipes. Not one of the run of the mill sauce and noodle recipes but an easy pasta recipe that may become your next family favorite.

Save Money on Dinner Recipes Tip 1 – Take Inventory

You do not have to write down everything in your pantry and refrigerator but take mental note of the things you see.

Save Money on Dinner Recipes Tip 2 – Know the basics of what goes together

– Spaghetti noodles go well with meat and sauce

– Vegetables go with meat, sauce and noodles

– Macaroni and Cheese is pasta too

– Cream of Mushroom, Chicken, Celery and Broccoli Soups make great sauces

– Soups go great with meats and vegetables

Save Money on Dinner Recipes Tip 3 – Experiment

Dinner Recipes Variations

–         Try adding corn, green beans, mushrooms and/or olives to spaghetti sauce

–         Try using diced chicken, frozen chicken nuggets or chopped bacon

–         Try Cream of Mushroom Soup for your sauce (undiluted)

–         Try other pastas. If all you have is a box of Macaroni and Cheese then use the pasta and save the cheese packet for later, unless the cheese goes with your sauce.

–         Try Cream of Mushroom, Broccoli, Celery or Chicken soup with the Macaroni and Cheese packet

–         Try mixing a “Cream of” soup with spaghetti sauce if you do not have enough of one or the other

Save Money on Dinner Recipes Tip 4 – Give your creation an impressive name


–         Spaghetti á la Vege-táble

–         Pasta de Chicken Nüggets

–         Alfredo Macaroni

–         Poorboy Macaroni Alfredo

–         Cheesy Pasta with Vegetables

Save Money on Dinner Recipes Tip 5 – Make it your own

You have already taken the first step by naming your dinner recipe. Now take it a step further and write your process on a piece of paper. You have now created your very own dinner recipe.

Save Money on Dinner Recipes Tip 6 – Have Fun with it!

If you feel you are not a good cook or very experienced, don’t worry. You will never learn unless you try. And even if your first experiment comes out a little less than desirable, everyone will love it because of the cool name! Now go have some fun.

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