Helium website review

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Helium is a website for freelance writer. You get pay to write on Helium. They pay on much level. They’re a great site to write for. They’re strict nowadays. It used to be easy but they’re strict nowadays. They pay you an upfront payment, residual and market place if you get picked. There are many ways to earn on Helium. They also have a market place where you can get pay to write for clients. The market place is a great way to earn if you’re a really good writer. It can be impossible if you don’t write well.

They’re so strict nowadays that they’re not accepting a lot of articles unless they look perfect for the magazine. They might delete your articles if it’s not up to par or contain errors which might be frustrating. You can write but then they might delete it. They’re selling articles to magazines nowadays so they’re looking for perfect articles. They’re looking for articles that could be published in the magazines. If you’re good then you don’t have to worry about being denied. They allow you to publish right away but then they will check on it for quality. They’re supportive there and they will offer mentoring if you need it. They have a strong and fun community there. You can write on any topics that you choose to write about.

They do have journalism awards and many opportunities to be publish in the magazines or newspaper. They have many partners on there. They use to be easy but now it’s hard to get an article on there without being deleted unless you’re perfect. It’s not the place for beginners anymore. I think you can write for Xomba if you’re a beginner. They pay you an upfront fee on helium too but it’ll be based on your stars. The more stars you have the higher you get pay. They also let you get pay via residual monthly too. They have a stock program where publishers can look at all of your content and then buy it for reprint but you will still have your copyright. You get pay $5 every time a publisher buy your articles for reprint. If you have good articles, they will pay you for reprint.


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