How to make Halloween costume at home

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This Halloween you can make Halloween costume at home. It’s fun and it saves you money. You don’t have to wear those tacky ones out in the market. You can make a cool costume for yourself or your kids. How can make them? You can use costumes that you own or costume that you have from other times. You can wear New Year costume for Halloween. You can be the New Year celebrator if you ran out of costumes. If you’re a nurse or a doctor, you can use your own costume and go out for fun. Any costume that you own, you can also fix it or add on other accessories to create a new costume. Halloween is a great way to look all mixed up. It’s alright; you don’t need to look perfect since its Halloween. You can wear a really old outfit with spider webs all over it. You can also paint yourself this Halloween. Painting is in nowadays. You can buy fabric from the local stores and then make outfits with them. You can also buy arts supplies from the local store and create a costume or use them as adds on.


You can paint yourself this Halloween. You can go as the Hulk if you’re a young teenager. You would need green paint and a half torn outfit and you’re ready to be the Hulk. You can also buy a wig to go with it. You would buy the paint for Halloween body paint only so it’s safe and it will wash off. You can have a friend help you paint your body.

Add ons

You can also buy little accessories to add on to your current costume to make it more interesting. If you’re a princess, you can buy a crown to add on top of your costume to create a princess look. You can buy a cape to go over your black outfit to make yourself a Vampire or a dark ghost. You can buy a white cape to make yourself a ghost. You can buy yourself Victoria’s Secret wings to make an angel out of yourself on top of your tight dress. You can buy a mask to wear and just use a really old pair of clothing to look scary.

Cut out

You can buy fabrics from the local Joanne fabric store and then cut it out to make costumes. You can cut it in any shape that you want. You can buy white fabric and make a ghost out of it or black fabric and make a ninja outfit out of it. You can also buy Halloween fabric to make home decorations out of it. You can be Martha Stewart this Halloween.


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