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Xomba is a website that let you write for money. Xomba is a great website and they’re really nice on there. They will allow you to share half of the adsense revenues. They’re cool so far. I’ve written on there and have never had any problems there. They don’t really bother you which are a great thing. You get to earn half of the adsense revenue. You can write on any topics on there. They have all kinds of topics. They do have a manager there and a moderator too. They let you publish anything that you want to publish so long as you don’t plagiarize. They will ban you if you plagiarize.

They’re easy on there. I’ve seen a lot of people who only blogs away and the articles are not that formal. You can write xomblurb on there which is a fifty words blog. They allow you to write short blogs. I’ve been paid by Google so they don’t pay you. The company is in Florida. I think that there are some writers that won’t write there because they think that adsense doesn’t work. Well, from my experience adsense works faster than pay per view because one click could be a dollar but with pay per view you have to have 1000 views in order to get a dollar which is too long.

The website earns so much and they only pay you one percent of the total earnings which is not fair for you. I think you get pay more per adsense click then page views. From my own personal experience, I get pay more per adsense clicks. Adense pays more because each click is worth more. I rather write for adsense. I compare some of the websites that I worked with and when it comes to adsense, it pays more. I made more money on adsense sites than on pay per views website. If you’re looking for a new website to write, you can try Xomba and see how it will work out for you.


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